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Far East Allied Maritime Cooperative

 A Private Association of Maritime Professionals 

About us

when a ship call to the ports, ship managers are busy with arranging many husbandry requisitions  from simple supply to inspection with repairs. If you would go to the department store, you could buy almost everything in need comfortably. Yes, we are a service providing platform at where you could get almost every service from simple supply to urgent repairs. For this purpose, this association have been established with members comprising of agency/port service/ ship chandler/ repair firms and etc.

who we are- Allied and Associated for Maritime Service Platform

Under the name and flag of FEAMCO, 127 members of small and medium companies have been allied to provide the consolidated services for any kind of requisitions regardless of size,time and place in South Korea. 
We will work as one body to respond to any service demand in a short notice on an already agreed terms. The client is not necessary to contact to all but to do it with a prime contractor which has been acting as a gateway and interface with the clients. 

What we do

From agency(cargo/husbandry/bunker), port services(tug/line/guard/waste/water/cleaning) , chandlers to technical services(Periodical Inspection/repair/reconditioning/machining/in-water), we are fully equipped with the functions that can deal with any requisition regardless of the kind and volume of the mission in port of Korea.

What we differ from conventional service providers

  1. Simple Interface - contact to all members(means all functions) via a prime contractor,KOMATEC.
  2. Simple Smart communication infra-structure - Marine Router/PTT/Online documentations/Intrinsically safe smart phone/SN/ Aerial Drone/ROV-underwater
  3. Agile reaction to any of service demand in consolidated manner-Best in emergency


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